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A case study is a type of assignment in which a student looks at a person, event, set of circumstances, or activity, and comes to a particular conclusion.

case study analysis

EXAMPLE 1: An accounting case study, requiring the student to compare a company’s financial statements over successive periods.

There are two main types of case study: analytical, and problem solving. An analytical case study asks the student to look at what happened and why. It does not necessarily require a particular solution to be suggested. This is common in fields of study such as healthcare, health sciences, anthropology, history and more. On the other hand, problem solving case studies ask the student to use all the information on the (real or hypothetical case) to come up with an answer or solution. This solution may take the form of a course of action, plan, or policy. Problem solving case studies are common in fields of study such as engineering, business, social services and human resources.

EXAMPLE 2: An education case study that asks for answers to questions about a hypothetical student with a particular set of learning and personal circumstances.

If you’re having difficulty with a case study you’ve been assigned, MGM Coaching Solutions is here to help. We understand that it takes a particular mindset to be able to get the most out of available data, reach a conclusion and prepare a report to a high standard. Our experts can assist with:

  • Understanding the case study question
  • Stakeholder identification
  • Finding and identifying relevant rules, regulations and guidelines
  • Determining what data is important, and what isn’t
  • Interpreting raw data
  • Planning a response
  • Polishing up the finished written work
  • Double-checking against the set of instructions provided by the tutor/professor
  • Ensuring the report meets academic integrity standards
  • Formatting everything ready for presentation

EXAMPLE 3: A law assignment requiring the student to look at a made-up set of facts and determine which laws and regulations apply, and how they would be applied.

To find out how we can help, simply fill in our online contact form. If you’ve already been provided with a set of case study instructions, make sure to attach them so we can advise you accurately. We’re based right here in Australia, so we can provide prompt responses and quotes. Alternatively, feel free to call our local Australian number to speak with an MGM Coaching Solutions expert.

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