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By definition, a thesis is one of the most important pieces of work you’re ever likely to submit. It is your original research, conclusions and new knowledge in a highly specific area.

Thesis Help

The standard and the length of the thesis depend on the degree or award being sought. At Australian universities, undergraduate honours theses can be around 10,000 to 15,000 words, whilst PhD theses are generally 100,000 words. Some technical theses may be shorter, whilst a few subject areas allow a higher word count. For example, engineering, architecture and planning PhD theses can be as little as 50,000 words, because of the amount of non-written material that also needs to be included. On the other hand, Law and Arts PhDs need to be longer because concepts and points need to be explained in great depth. Masters research can fall anywhere in between. Different Australian universities and other tertiary institutions have different rules regarding the presentation of the work; usually, it must be correctly referenced and presented ‘in a scholarly manner’. Sometimes this just means neat layout and printing, but sometimes there are strict guidelines regarding font, size, cover pages, binding and more.

There’s a lot to plan and carry out when you’re doing a thesis. From the initial research proposal through to the moment you submit it, you’re likely to spend literally hundreds of hours in planning, preparing, writing, editing and more. Even if you’ve got a fantastic supervisor, it can be difficult to get the level of assistance and guidance you need. That’s where we come in.

MGM Coaching Solutions offers personal, in-depth thesis help for students at all Australian institutions. We can assist with as little or as much as you need. For example, many just require help polishing off the data analysis section of their finished work. We can provide information, resources, tuition and sample work on which to model your finished thesis. Some need guidance with their referencing and bibliographies, and are afraid to ask their supervisor or another tutor for help. Regardless of what you need to do with your thesis, we’re here for you, and we keep all personal identifying details private for your peace of mind.

To find out how we can help you with your thesis, fill in our handy enquiry form or call our local Australian number now.

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Maria, Munno Para, SAMaria, Munno Para, SA
I have run my own business for over a decade, but I’m new to study, and not that crash hot with computers. I needed to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on marketing strategy for one of my Diploma units, and I didnt have an idea on where to start. Good thing my daughter helped me find MGM Coaching Solutions. A few emails back and forth and I was given the right advice and help to help me aid my presentation. Thank you to MGM Coaching.*
Joseph, Richmond, VICJoseph, Richmond, VIC
I was worried about my first year history assignment because I knew everyone would try to use the same sources. I wanted my essay to stand out from the crowd so I could get a good mark. (…) I reached out to MGM Coaching Solutions and got guidance on how to do correct referencing formats and additional guidance on how to improve my essay with concepts and themes related to the requirements which helped me immensely. It was just what I needed to get that distinction I have been looking for!*
John, Mosman, NSWJohn, Mosman, NSW
Mark is very skilled at teaching- he is structured in his approach and very practical. He also is a lot of fun and the lessons are interesting and enjoyable. I have been impressed with his knowledge of learning styles and his ability to teach in a way that is specific to the learner. More importantly, he has improved my results and I have learnt to apply mathematical concepts with a lot more confidence. Got my HSC exam next week so am nervous but welcoming the challenge and the tutoring I have received. Thanks Mark!*
  Brett, Darlinghurst, NSW Brett, Darlinghurst, NSW
Mark is able to explain concepts in a way that is easy to understand and clearly highlight / summarise the critical points for each topic. He also assists well in assignment and giving guidance around this and helps with calculations to better understand the work. I would definitely recommend him!*
  Jessica, Mosman, NSW Jessica, Mosman, NSW
Mark was very efficient with his tutoring methods. Very accommodating with his time and he was able to work around my schedule. His methods of communication were easy to understand yet very professional and his knowledge was second to none. This tutor is highly recommendable.*
Pablo, Epping, NSWPablo, Epping, NSW
I was able to pass my exam because of the assistance from MGM Coaching Solutions. The expert was very passionate and dedicated about teaching and knew how to explain things well in English. The expert spoke fluent English which was a major consideration why I got him as a tutor. He knows all the material and the course guidelines well.*
Emily, Brisbane, QLDEmily, Brisbane, QLD
Mark is an awesome tutor. I can’t thank him enough for the progress he has already made me achieve. He has the ability to explain difficult Statistical concepts that I would have never been able to understand from reading my text books or attending lectures. I recommend him highly*
Alex, Vaucluse, NSWAlex, Vaucluse, NSW
I have had Sir Mark from year 11 and has improved my Maths Marks considerably. I have excelled in Mathematics coming first in my year. Thanks for all your work and effort. After getting band 6 in my ATAR this year, many people are asking me for your referral. I am sure you will have your work cut in for the year 2010 preparation. Good luck and for the students get him early as he is a very busy person but has the time and dedication for his students. Thanks Mark.*
 Angela, Concord, NSW Angela, Concord, NSW
Great tutor. Highly recommended. Stats is such a hard subject for me and Mark has really been able to improve my understanding and thus my results in just a short time. He is obviously dedicated and passionate at teaching Maths and Stats. Thanks Mark.*
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